Monday, August 22, 2011

Zogby Initiative

These were some great quotes I had on my old blog, I'd hate to see them disappear into the series of tubes forever.

The Zogby Initiative

" 1. I believe everything which Eastern Orthodoxy teaches.
2. I am in communion with the Bishop of Rome as the first among the bishops, according to the limits recognized by the Holy Fathers of the East during the first millennium, before the separation."

" We must fight to insure that Latinism and Catholicism are no longer synonymous, that Catholicism remains open to every culture, every spirit, and every form of organization compatible with the unity of faith and of love. At the same time, by our example, we must force the Orthodox Church to recognize that a union [...] with the See of Peter can be achieved without their being compelled to give up Orthodoxy" -His Beatitude Maximos IV, Patriarch of Antioch, Alexandria and Jerusalem of the Melkites

Personally, I consider myself a follower of Metropolitan Sheptytsky, together with many others who would like to get rid of all that has illegally entered into our spiritual, theological, liturgical, canonical heritage. We were told: If you want to be a real Catholic, you have to be Latin. And they pushed us into it. And it is only with Metropolitan Sheptytsky that we could say: Dear brothers from Rome, one can be Catholic without being Latin. And we were attacked on two fronts, Catholic-Latin and Orthodox-Byzantine. And we said: No, dear brothers, one can be Ukrainian, one can be Byzantine, one can be at the same time Catholic. These different elements do not contradict one another. So this is why neither the Latin Church nor the Orthodox Church is very happy with us. "- His Beatitude Lubomyr Husar, Patriarch Emeritus of Kviv-Halych

Second Attempt

Hello dear(non-existent readers),

This is my second attempt at having a blog. I decided to start a fresh since my last attempt has been untouched in several years and was started when I was in college. Perhaps this one may be more successful? Who knows. In any event, I am starting this blog in order to ramble about my adventures and discuss theological issues during my time studying in Berkeley. Feel free to comment or drop me a line if you wish to.

Your blogger,